Junior and high school courses G6-G12
Subject Synchronous Tutoring

Subject Synchronous Tutoring

We help students to master the test key points to get rid of low scores, accurately match the needs of students, comprehensively improve their learning ability, and largely increase their learning enthusiasm. We provide one-on-one class teacher supervision and assistance along with timely feedback after class to consolidate academic foundation, break the academic bottleneck, help GPA boost, and lay a solid foundation for further studies.

Mathematics Synchronous Tutoring

Individual improvement of English proficiency (reading/grammar/writing/vocabulary)

Grammar: Step by step, from basic grammar to complex syntax, from general to specific to establish a complete English grammar system. Vocabulary: Focus on the use of words and improve English input and output. Improve reading ability by understanding sentence meaning, and improve writing ability by accumulating vocabulary and phrases. Memorize vocabulary cleverly by methods like root affixes, pronunciation association, and vocabulary analysis.Reading: Help students to improve their ability to understand complex texts, from single sentences to complex sentences, from reading comprehension to reading skills, gradually increasing the difficulty. Train thinking in reading and acquire knowledge of social, cultural sciences and other subjects, which is very helpful for students to learn languages, practice thinking, and gain knowledge. Writing: Writing mainly includes how to use words, how to make sentences in an orderly length, how to design structures, how to state opinions, etc. The writing tutorial is carried out step by step in the way of vocabulary grammar—short sentences—simple sentences—punctuation use—conjunction use—complex sentences—paragraphs.

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Since the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) was first held in 1950, a series of events including AMC 8, AMC 10, AMC 12, AIME, USJMO, USAMO, etc. have been formed. AMC is developed by experts from universities such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, etc. The content of the test covers the mathematics knowledge and problem-solving skills of junior high school (grade 6-8) and high school (grade 9-12). AMC has been taking on the important task of selecting International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) contestants for the United States through its complete testing system.