Undergraduate Application

Our characteristics and advantages


Professional consultant team to escort your undergraduate application

More than 20 years of senior advisors, graduate advisors from top U.S. schools, and professional masters’ work together to create the perfect undergraduate path.Familiar with the application system of each school, know the application skills of top U.S. schools, help you to accurately position yourself, clear direction, understand the target universities, improve competitiveness, grasp the timing of undergraduate applications, advance planning, etc.


Dedicated planning team to improve your hard and soft background

Scientific planning of courses according to students' own situation and the level of difficulty of the courses.Comprehensive understanding of students' backgrounds, and the provision of appropriate volunteer activities, academic research activities, vacation internships and other options to choose from.


Dedicated foreign correspondents from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford

Regular brainstorming sessions to dig deeper and find the most impressive points for admissions officers.Guided writing in the American style, pure and authentic: unlimited Q&A and revisions.Don't use templates, tailor-made essay ideas, unique personal style.