Personalized and comprehensive planning G9-G11

Our characteristics and advantages

The most meticulous learning supervision.

Establish student files and track students' growth path

Fully understand students' personality with the Personality and Career Orientation test.

Help students develop study schedules and GPA improvement plans.

Follow up the progress of each subject through self-study service twice a week.

The most professional team for school application.

Introduce suitable universities and majors for students after a comprehensive understanding of them.

Help students apply for a series of activities such as summer school, volunteer work, etc.

Improve students' reading ability by providing free access to the reading club.

An experienced team of essay-writing to help students enter their dream schools.

Educational helper for parents

Communicate with parents regularly to keep parents informed of the situation of their children.

Assist parents to communicate with the school through multiple channels such as emails and telephone calls.

Help parents to attend the school parents' meeting.

Our service team


Main consultant teachers

responsible for directional work such as controlling the application direction, communicating with the family regularly, giving feedback on the application process, planning extracurricular activities, selecting schools, and selecting majors.



in addition to planning and following up on students' learning, they also take care of students' psychological status and help students to delve into the materials for essays and to select schools and majors.


Essay instructors

Help students conceive writing ideas and polish the text to complete essays that university admission officers love to read.


Advisor Assistants

Help the main advisors to integrate student information and complete online applications.


Counselors for exams and interviews of Oxford University and Cambridge University

Help students to sort out the key points of the exams and the interviews and improve the success rate of the exams and the interviews through multiple simulation exercises.

Our service process

1.组建服务团队-- 初步沟通

Set up a service team

set up a team after understanding the needs of students through preliminary communication.

2.前期服务 -- 初步了解学生

Preliminary service

get to know the students, guide them to conduct personality and career orientation tests, and prepare students' resumes and career planning forms.

3.中期服务 -- 全方位管理学生

Mid-term service

comprehensive management of students, including background improvement guidance, extracurricular activity recommendation, summer school application guidance, subject learning situation tracking, essay writing guidance, etc.

4.后期服务 -- 保证申请效率和质量

Later service

ensure the efficiency and quality of application, including finalizing student resumes and essays, querying and recording all kinds of test scores, and assisting students in choosing schools and majors as well as in school selection after admission.